Website attacks increased by 56% in 2018.
High security vulnerabilities in 46% of websites.
Small businesses are targeted 43% of the time.
60% of small businesses not fell concerned.


Based on security expert reports, cyber attacks against websites increased by 56% in 2018. A typical small business website is attacked more than 58 times a day. Almost half of those websites have high security vulnerabilities and small businesses are targeted 43% of the time.  According to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small and midsize businesses that are hacked go out of business within 6 months.

Most hackers find small businesses to be very attractive targets precisely because they know that they may not have comprehensive cyber security defenses in place. Moreover, tons of automated tools are scanning the web 24/7 looking for vulnerabilities without making difference between very small or large businesses. Read “Should small businesses worry about website security?“.

Despite the alarming trend of cyber attacks on small businesses, a vast majority of small businesses still believes that hackers are only interested in attacking large firms and their companies are too small to warrant the investment. As it often goes unreported by the media, this cyber criminality keeps flying under the radar. The impact of cyber attacks remains underestimated until you get hit. Read “Should small businesses worry about website security?“.

TruePentest is a cyber security company in Bangkok who believes that cyber security is not the sole privileges of big companies.


A proactive approach to web security is the best way to prevent attacks leading to lost of revenues, theft of confidential information or penalties for falling out of regulatory compliance with a multitude of government and industry mandates.

Bad Website Ranking on Google

It’s not enough to create a great website and leave it set. A healthy website requires ongoing maintenance. If Google thinks that your site is infected with malicious software, it will blacklist your site and you can expect to lose about 95% of your traffic.

Trust and Reputation Damage

In the age of social media, negative brand events are amplified, and reputations are damaged in seconds, sometimes irreparably. Loss of customers, claims for financial compensation and in the worst case, it will lead to organizational failure.

Personal or Sensitive Data Loss

A data breach can have devastating consequences. It goes from reputational damage to regulatory fines and penalties or compensation paid for injury, loss of products or services.

Website Cleaning and Repair Cost

Fixing a compromised website requires expertise to remove the malicious code introduced by hackers. That could cost your business thousands of dollars. That’s really only considering the monetary consequences of a cyber attack.

Breaking the Law

Loosing control of your website is giving hackers the possibility to modify its content. Keep in mind that some cyber attacks are lead by activist groups who might post messages falling under criminal charges.

Account Suspension

In some cases of cyber attacks, your IP address will be used by hackers to send out spam emails. As a result, your account will be suspended until you solve the problem. In the meantime, your website will be down !


Based in Bangkok, our cyber security company provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services to businesses and individuals.

Cyber security company in Bangkok
  • Automated testing tools – ZAP, BurpSuite Pro, VEGA
  • Manual checking – Some vulnerabilities require manual testing like SQL Injection, XSS.
  • MethodologyOWASP, PTES, OSSTMM or we can follow the methodology requested by our customers.
  • Comprehensive reports – including an executive summary and a list of recommendations to mitigate the risks.