TruePentest is a private limited company registered with the Department of Development Business (DBD) in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is owned by Thai and French investors with backgrounds in both public and private sectors.

TruePentest has successfully built a global team of security specialists mostly based in Europe and Asia. All of them enjoy sharing their passion and skills to make internet a better place.

The founder is an ethical hacker and security analyst, certified by the EC-Council, a global leader in InfoSec Cyber Security certification programs. He has been working for governmental organizations for the past 20 years as an IT security officer among other tasks.

TruePentest is dedicated to cyber security because we know that new threats are always looming on the horizon. However, we believe that there is no fatality! You can be on the safe side for a few dollars if you decide to make security a priority.

With a passion for quality, True Pentest Co., Ltd. always works at improving the customer experience to deliver unparalleled results.

We believe that over the long term, having repeat customers and developing meaningful relationships creates trust and brings tangible benefits to an organization. Trust is earned and can’t be bought.

Telling customers our services will solve all their problems would be clearly lying. No one thing is a solution to everything. We rather tell our customers our services will help them make the good move to mitigate their risks.

Considering the nature of our activity, we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Your data is in safe hands with us.


We know that when it comes to budgets, the lack of options is often a problem. This is why we offer a standard website security testing at a very reasonable price. We prefer you pay a decent price to let us identify the most visible and critical vulnerabilities rather than NOT to pay higher amount for in depth testings and therefore NOT to know about ANY vulnerability.

Based on your requirements, we can also perform specific web applications testings or engage into a complete attack simulation. As part of our services, we pay great attention to provide our customers with a detailed report of our work. It includes a list of suggestions to solve the problems we’ve identified. Our reports are always reviewed by a certified ethical hacker or security analyst certified by the EC-Council.


Websites attacks increased
by 56% in 2018.


46% of websites have high
security vulnerabilities.


Small businesses are targeted
43% of the time.


66% of SMBs feel not concerned by cyber attacks.


Vulnerabilities increased by
162% compared to 2016.


Due to the increasing trend of cyberattacks, we always need to update our knowledge and tools box. Luckily, the Open Source market manage to follow the trend with new tools every day. However, we perform most of our tests from Linux systems and we use some compulsory programs that have been there for the past 10 years.